Sara on looking younger and younger

"I was 74kg the first time I called Ican... that was 22nd of January 2017, I was overweight, unhappy, and almost 40!!"


'Didn't want to see anyone or do anything, I was simply so angry with what I let myself become...
I never thought, I would be one of those people who gets to write one of these testimonials...
But here I am.. it's 17th of September 2017, I weigh 60kg, happy, looking good and healthy and don't look a day over 30!! 
Did I mention I just came back from an amazing trip to Ibiza? where I didn't want to wear anything but my bikini πŸ‘™and I made that bikini look good!!
it's true when they say, looking good is addictive... I will never want to be where I was 8 months ago...
Have to admit, it was not easy, and I'd be lying if I said I loved every minute of it, but I will do the exact same thing 100 more times if I had to!!
I met amazing people in this journey who not only helped me get healthy and fit, they made me realize how important it is to live the way I live now. 
I think the name " I-can" is the best name they could have chosen because this team not only make you want things that you never dared to want, they train you to do it the right way and love every minute of it!! As if you have a personal sculptor sculpting your body for an amazing bikini!! It's the best way I can describe I-can and it's team...
So, thank you for my health, my looks, my self esteem, my amazing gluteus, and my abs, even my jawline and defiantly thank you for how I feel today!!
I've said it a million time, you guys are the best!!!'


*Results may vary from client to client