Lesley S on reaching her goals in no time.

“I achieved my goal and lost just short of 28lbs”

I joined ICAN nearly 18 months ago as an over-weight 49 year old, with a goal to be the fittest I have ever been by my 50th birthday. With the help and support of Stanton, and a lot of hard work, I achieved my goal and lost just short of 28lbs. I would never have been able to lose this and feel so good on my own.ICAN give you the inspiration and knowledge. They encourage you, and help you with your training and nutrition in order to reach your goal, whatever it might be. It is not only losing weight that is important, it is being fit and healthy. And thanks to ICAN, that is how I feel.  I cannot recommend the team enough, they are all great people who encourage and push (in a good way!) every client that comes through the door.

*Results vary from client to client