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Jon - 36 Weeks - Corporate Lawyer

Jon's astonishing body transformation at ICAN PT has seen him lose 46kg in 36 weeks and trim 42cm from his waist.
The corporate lawyer has gone from being an overweight tired and stressed 40 year old, who's children used to call fat to a super-fit, positive and out-going personality with fire in his belly to constantly hit targets. 

*Results vary from client to client


Sophie - Only 4 weeks - Actress & Model

Sophie had been travelling for the summer and over indulging on pasta, pizza and red wine.
She was booked for a career changing role at short notice that gave her only 30 days to drop 8kg.
She had to work very hard int he studio and be very dedicated to her nutritional profile we developed which enables to reach her goal ahead of schedule.

*Results vary from client to client


Diane - Lost 30kg in 16 Weeks- Corporate Banker

Diane was struggling with lack of tie and motivation due to a highly pressured work schedule that results in emotional eating and health concerns. We developed a nutritional plan and training profile to create the results from only two hours per week.

Kim Dunn
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Zain- 8 Weeks, Tech Entrepreneur

Like most people living in a busy city, Zain a tech entrepreneur had struggled with exercise consistency whilst constantly travelling, alongside poor nutritional options from hotels and airlines.
We put a plan in place that established clear expectations and commitment levels that enabled Zain to understand that his transformation is a process that he needs to trust. We offered support and professional guidance that created the platform for success.

Kim Dunn

Sara- Only 12 Weeks - Busy Months

Sara is a busy mother two who struggles to combine family life exercise and having a social life without constantly gaining weight.

Sara committed to training 3-4 times per week with ICAN where we developed a specific nutritional and exercise programme that allows Sara to stay in shape yet still enjoy a balanced social life.

*Results may vary from client to client

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Leon- Lost 12kg in only 10 weeks- Private Banker.

Leon realised that corporate entertaining and a hectic social life was taking a toll on his appearance and waistline. We created guidelines that enabled him to reach his goals whilst still being social. His mental concentration and mindset is now at its optimum.

Kim Dunn