becky before and after web_edited.png

Rebecca in 12 Weeks

Rebecca had recently given birth to her first child and had lost all confidence and belief that she could ever get her body back.

From only 2 hours per week exercise we implemented changes to her nutrition and emotional mindset towards exercise which enabled Rebecca to feel confident, happy and love her body again.

sophie before and after web_edited.png

Sophie in 4 Weeks

Sophie had been travelling for the summer and over indulging on pasta and pizza and red wine. She was booked for a career changing role at short notice that gave her only 30 days to drop 8kg. She had to work very hard in the studio and be very dedicated to her nutritional profile we developed which enabled her to reach her goal ahead of schedule.

christine before and after web.png

Christine in 10 Weeks


She had tried many diets and exercise fads without success and was struggling to loose the weight post baby. We reprogrammed Christine’s metabolism and took her back to basics with her routines that created the foundation for her visible success of 10kg weight loss.

ISSY before and after_edited.png

Issy in 12 Weeks

Issy joined ICAN without any previous training experience. She had tried numerous fad diets that had resulted in a slower metabolism that made weight loss very difficult to sustain. Issy is a fantastic example that following our nutritional and exercise systems to the letter creates a lean athletic body type.

Lucy before and after web.png

Lucy in 6 Weeks

Lucy is a young mother of two who had limited time throughout the day and was suffering from fatigue due to sleep deprivation and poor nutrition. 

We increased her meals to 5 per day that kick started her metabolism alongside high intensity bursts of cardio and resistance that helps combat her fatigue.

emma before and after web.png

Emma in 6 Weeks

Emma had struggled with her abdomen area and had weakness that was affecting her balance and visible tone.

We pinpointed her imbalances and implemented a program that improved her posture and strengthened the weak muscles that were inhibiting visual results.