(ICAN) Personal Trainer in Dubai breaks the gluten-free myth…


One ICAN personal trainer in Dubai is very aware that gluten-free diets are all the rage at the minute, but do we really understand what we are putting in our bodies when we replace our favourite foods with the gluten-free options?

You’ve probably heard about the reported gluten-free diet benefits, or perhaps you’ve eliminated gluten yourself and noticed changes such as better sleep, a flatter tummy, clearer skin, a sharper mind, and more energy. But are the benefits you experience actually due to the absence of gluten?

Well, it all depends on how you go gluten-free. Our personal trainer in Dubai suggest ditching refined carbs and pastas and replacing them with whole grains as it is sure to make a difference. Along with adding in more fruit and veg, upping your fibre and nutrient intake, therefore experiencing those benefits.

However, if you replace gluten products with their shop bought gluten-free friends, you’re more likely to increase your sugar and fat intake, which results in an increase in calories. Just because there are more options for the gluten-free customer on our shelves, it doesn’t mean we should eat them. When products are formulated specifically to be gluten-free in order to replace an existing product, a lot of times manufacturers may have to substitute chemically enchanted ingredients since they can’t use wheat flour and this is what our personal trainer in Dubai strongly advise against.

Some of the main things you lose when you take gluten out of a recipe are texture, chewiness, and taste. An easy way to get those back? Adding fats, and sugars. Meaning these ingredients are present in even higher amounts than in the original item with gluten.