4 tips to get your mojo back!

Even here at Ican PT Dubai as highly experienced personal trainers and elite knowledge in the most cutting edge fitness programming, we still have periods of less focus and motivation. Those times where you get up on a Monday and can only think about your bed later that day or when you go for dinner and sticking to your nutrition plan is the last thing on your mind.. We have put together Ican's 4 key steps to regaining tunnel vision focus again.

1. Know Your Goals

It sounds simple, but you'd be surprised by how many people can't quite articulate what it is they're working so hard for. This is why our here at Ican PT dubai we reassess frequently and set revised goals for our clients, looking in detail at their nutrition and fitness program and ensuring we are constantly moving forward. During each reassessment we put in place short, mid and long term goals so the overall vision remains clear.

2. Do Something Different

A lot of people get caught up on what the 'Best' fitness program is or which nutrition plan gets the fastest result... Here at Ican PT dubai we focus on sustainability and being consistent. This is why are programs are all mid to long term and we don't prescribe quick fix 'diets'. We know that the most successful personal training program is the one that is most likely to be done consistently! This sometimes means changing it up.. instead of heavy weights why not do some Thai boxing? Why not take the workout outside today and get some added vitamin D? Our trainers here at Ican PT dubai will never let you get complacent and constantly incorporate outside the box methods of personal training.


3. Photos, Please

Here at Ican PT dubai we know that after delivering over 250,000 personal training sessions over the years that progress is not always linear. Whether your goal is fatloss/ muscle gain or improved posture; one thing that never lies is the camera! 

Regardless of the training program prescribed to our clients, photographs are taken consistently each month. It can often be difficult to see progress yourself as it happens gradually, but when compared next to the starting snaps the results will then become undeniable.


4.Remember The Bad Times

Whenever you don't feel like working out or sticking to your nutrition program, remember what made you start in the first place! Here Ican PT dubai we work with a vast range of individuals from teenage aspiring sports stars to very elderly women. There will always be times where motivation to adhere to your personal training program is low, and what really is going to keep you consistent through these times is focusing on the end goal. We constantly make ourselves accountable as well as the client to ensure these times don't lead to having a lapse from your plan and keep moving forward even if the pace slows a little!