ICAN offers clients an unrivalled approach combining luxury studios, results alongside client service. We have worked with hundreds of clients who have become a big part of the ICAN success story.

Our studios have been voted some of the most luxurious fitness facilities in the UK and UAE.

We offer a full service approach towards your fitness nutrition and rehabilitation goals that enable you the best possible results.




ICAN personal trainers are guided by a relentless focus on innovation,integrity and results.
Each workout is highly individualized and focused on maximizing client results,you will be matched with a personal trainer based upon your personal history personality and goals.



We offer a full range of physiotherapy and sports massage services to our UK Personal Training clients.
Our team of fully qualified therapists are integral to our clients success,they work closely with our personal trainers on training plans that enable the best possible results.

Our services are available to new and existing clients. They advise and provide valuable information that allows a smooth handover to the trainers following any treatment.

Our UK personal training clients and athletes producing the best results include sports massage sessions in their training profiles to not only prevent injury but to enable a greater range of functional movement.