Meet our expert team based at the Alderley Edge studio:

Stanton Galloway

Lead trainer

Stanton joins ICAN possessing a wealth of experience that has provided him with an exclusive set of skills. Over ten years of competitive gymnastics and martial arts experience have given him a unique understanding of what the human body is capable of. With personal training experience in Australia and Vietnam, Stanton delivers a fresh, energetic approach, creating a friendly environment and providing visible results.

Matt Cresey

Personal trainer

Combining 9 years of pt experience with 15 years of sports experience in field hockey, Matt is an extremely versatile pt. He is heavily committed to his own training, health and nutrition and this is reflected in his session plans. The energy he brings to the gym floor creates a fun atmosphere, which he believes is an important element for anyone’s commitment to achieving his or her goals.

Lee Hampson

Personal trainer

Lee has developed into our go to guy for clients with any back conditions due to suffering from four collapsed discs himself caused during his football career. Lee is constantly developing his techniques and works tirelessly to excel his corrective exercise skills. Lee’s charisma is infectious.

He will push you beyond what you perceive as your limits whilst making sure you enjoy every second of your journey with ICAN.

Joe Williams

Personal trainer

Joe’s PT philosophy goes beyond simply going through the motions and counting reps. It is about making a decision to change your life and taking the necessary steps to make it happen. Joe takes a whole body approach so that his clients will see and feel the personal training benefits. With motivation, dedication and education Joe is passionate about making real body transformations.

Victoria Steede

Personal trainer

Victoria is an expert in fat loss, nutrition and postnatal exercise. She was trained in dance and felt a natural inclination towards fitness, yoga and Pilates. She fully believes nutrition is a key element in anybody achieving success and has worked with world leaders in nutrition – Patrick Holford and Charles Poliquin to name a few. She will always ensure your training is unique and designed with your goals in mind making each session beneficial.

Dominic Horrocks 

Personal trainer

Dominic strives to make every session innovative and personal with the end goal of ensuring his clients improve flexibility, strength and performance.

Having studied sports science and functional performance, he combines both to bring a high energy and analytical training experience for every single client. Dominic educates and pushes positive intentions and actions that enable the best possible weight loss and body transformation results.

Drew Roberts

Personal trainer

Drew is an expert in nutrition and specialises in weight loss. Drew is fiercely competitive and this really comes across in his sessions and the approach he takes on helping clients reach their goals. With 5 years experience as a professional golfer, Drew brings confidence, charisma and fresh ideas to each session bringing the complete package for a personal workout. His infectious personality means that every single session is fun and enjoyable.

Magdalena Mis

Yoga instructor/ sports therapist

Magdalena is our in-house sports yoga teacher and sports therapist. The workout is strong, energetic and challenging. Combining the best core-strengthening, muscle-toning, cardio-working, stress-reducing, clarity-enhancing yoga postures, with functional fitness exercises for an amazing workout. You’ll get that pumped up feeling you get from working out, with a deep flexibility and relaxation feeling. Magdalena is also our sports therapist. Her passion and skills lie in manipulation and recovery. Using deep tissue massage practice, eliminating knots, aiding injury prevention, improving post workout recovery.

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