All of our personal trainers in Alderley Edge and Dubai have been hand selected and must have an abundance of applied knowledge and charisma with a proven track record in over delivering to join team ICAN.

Our clients generally come to us looking to make significant changes to their lives, whether that is to increase fitness, lose weight, fat or drop clothing sizes. So we have built a huge chunk of our business around helping clients do just that: providing accountability and outstanding service to get you into the best shape of your life. We use an accelerated results system, following proven ICAN protocols that focus on exercise, correctional exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. A typical session with ICAN personal training could combine resistance training followed by Thai boxing, combined with yoga and core. Every session is different- that is why it is called personal training.

Physiotherapy is a ‘hands on’ manual therapy and one of the best scientifically proven approaches for the treatment of joints, muscles, tendons, nerves and ligaments. Our Physiotherapists in Alderley Edge assess and diagnose the problem, then plan and administer treatment and rehabilitation programmes that aim to restore function or minimise dysfunction after injury.

Our world-class Alderley Edge physiotherapy team work in house in our specifically designed treatment rooms.

Our physiotherapy service is available to all customers, including those not benefiting from our personal training service.

Our sports massage therapists work in house using our luxury treatment rooms to offer a specific, deep massage to help with muscle tension, aches & pains, also helping with postural problems. The techniques are adapted to the individual’s age and needs.

Having a sports massage at the appropriate time can help with the healing process when injured, but also invaluable for helping prevent injuries by keeping muscles supple and increasing a greater range of movement.

Our sports massage service is available to all customers, including those not benefiting from our personal training service.


Magdalena Mis joined ICAN in November 2015 heading up our ICAN yoga service.
Our sports yoga style is unique and adapted for both men and women (even if you can’t touch your toes)!
The workout will be strong, energetic and challenging. Combining the best core-strengthening, muscle-toning, cardio-working, stress-reducing, clarity-enhancing yoga postures, with functional fitness exercises for an amazing workout.


Fight club is a combat-based workout involving a combination of stand up boxing, Thai boxing and mixed martial arts. Sessions are completed in our custom built boxing ring, creating a dramatic training experience.

1st rule of flight club?
Don’t talk about fight club.


Based at the stunning 5 star Emilisse Art Hotel on the Greek island of Kefalonia, our action packed programmes deliver highly successful results and after just 1 week you will return home feeling refreshed, toned, de-stressed and with energy levels you have never known before. We expect clients to drop up to 7 pounds, drop body fat inches and dramatically increase fitness levels.
We have put together a team of the worlds best practitioners and coaches to provide you the individual attention your goals deserve as well as working alongside the worlds most renowned detox chef Alan Wichert, preparing gourmet Michelin star standard food in keeping with the ICAN 21 philosophies.
Throw in a day trip around the Islands on a luxury speedboat, and plenty of downtime to relax and recover at the many amazing chillax areas, you have an incredible experience awaiting you!


Do you want to experience what all the hype is about?