Personal Trainers in Alderley Edge | No Meat? No Problem

You can meet your daily protein intake without meat and our personal trainers in Alderley Edge can help. Why we need protein Many of us have been told that protein is an important part of our diet, especially if you’re working out. Protein is used to help repair the muscles after a workout and an adult should be consuming anything between 0.8-1.5 grams of protein per 1kg of their bodyweight. In order to get protein into your diet, you need to incorporate it into a lot of your meals. Our personal trainers in Alderley Edge encourage their clients to have a high protein intake. High protein foods Many foods have high protein content so you don’t always have to rely on meat such as chicken and turkey. Our personal trainers in Alderley Edge have suggested other foods such as: . Eggs . Cottage Cheese . Greek yoghurt . Spinach . Tofu . Fish . Beans and pulses . Nuts/butters and seeds Importance of Protein Furthermore, a lot of these foods can be incorporated into each meal of the day. Good examples are; greek yoghurt with fruit for breakfast and spreading nut butter on an apple for a high protein snack. Our personal trainers in Alderley Edge have created a cookbook to help inspire you. Proteins are made up of amino acids, and 8 out of the 22 amino acids in an adult’s body are ‘essential’, as a result we need to get them from food sources instead of our body. Protein is essential for growth, the production of hormones and brain development. It is key that we retain a healthy... read more

Alderley Edge personal trainers top 5 running apps

Running is simple; one foot in front of the other, repeat. In theory, other than a good pair of shoes, you don’t really need anything else. Yet, things like snazzy headphones, a good playlist and a good app can all help to motivate and improve your running. A running app on your phone can track your stats and help you with goals, with distances, and some even offer training schedules for you to follow. Us? We never go on a run if there’s no proof to show off to friends and complete strangers on Instagram. There are a lot of apps out there, and essentially they all do the same, but which one should you choose? Here are a couple of the Alderley Edge personal trainers favourite running apps… Run Keeper WHAT? It tracks your runs, walks, bike rides and more. Features stats, audio cues, mapping, social sharing, goals, training plans and more. WHY DO WE LOVE IT? Easy to use, extensive stats and can be easily integrated with other apps and services like MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, Jawbone UP and more. Click here to buy this app Map my run WHAT? MapMyRun is a fitness tracking application that enables you to track all of your fitness activities. Record your work out details, including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and route travelled on an interactive map. Also tracks nutrition and calories. WHY DO WE LOVE IT? Alderley Edge personal trainers love that you can track routes before or after a run (in case you can’t bring your phone with you) and still upload them to your profile. The app integrates seamlessly with the website, where you... read more

Gym Style…

It’s that time of year and our personal trainers in Alderley Edge are in need of a gym wardrobe update. We’ve picked the hottest new brands and gadgets to make your gym buddies envious. Take a look at our A/W fashion edit for your gym look. The newest must have gym wear?- No Ka’oi. No Ka’oi is the latest must have active wear collection. Sold by Net-A-Porter and Matches it’s on the want list for our personal trainers in Alderley Edge and every fashion forward gym bunny. So whats the inspiration for the brand? No Ka’oi is an action couture brand, Italian-designed and Hawaiian-Inspired. The brand is rooted in fashion, femininity and functionality. NO KA ‘OI is designed for fashion-forward women who are unwilling to compromise on style when dressing to practice yoga or fitness. But, NO KA ‘OI is not just about exercise, it is about a way of life… NO KA ‘OI allows women to move seamlessly, confidently and comfortably through life. This collection takes you from the studio, to drinks with friends. It is fashion-forward streetwear that also performs. Accessorise your look. Our personal trainers in Alderley Edge are keeping it local with Jim Bag. We all love your Jim bags, and this red one goes perfectly with out No Ka’oi gym gear. Jim bag is a Manchester based brand who have been to ICAN to do a pop up of their collection. They are now hitting the big time in Selfridges. Making it an essential piece of your gym wardrobe. We’ve teamed our look with; A classic Adidas Originals printed sweatshirt – Nike Trainers- read more


CAN YOU BE BETTER? Wondering why you’re not losing weight? Wondering why you’re not seeing the results you deserve? Ask yourself…Are you reaching your potential? Are you cheating yourself? The key to fitness success is a formula of 3 important factors that together create unparalleled results. If just one of these factors is not functioning properly then the results you dream of won’t become a reality. So what are these key factors? They may seem very obvious but are very often overlooked as a whole; Mindset, Exercise and Nutrition. Mindset This is probably the most important factor of all. The mind is the most powerful tool our body has and is vital on your exercise and nutrition journey. If your mindset isn’t focused on what you’re wanting to achieve, there’s no way the rest of the factors can fall into place, you loose faith and you don’t believe you can do it. Struggling to find that mindset? Read these quotes for some mindset inspiration. “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them”- Michael Jordan “What we think,we become” Buddha “We would accomplish many more things if we didn’t think of them as impossible” Vince Lomardi With this positive focused mind set you can achieve and continue with our next 2 key factors; A consistent exercise and nutritional regime. Exercise. Consistency and Variety are key to keeping your exercise fresh, exciting and productive. Always start with activation work to fire up the muscles so they can reach their full potential, and then focus on either a whole body workout or a key area. We’ve designed some... read more

(ICAN) #Legsdays

We’ve created the perfect workout to get those long lean legs. Focusing on mobility, flexibility, activation and strength. Repeat the exercises x3 sets with 20 reps of each. Check out our home workout video below.   Team ICAN 5* Luxury | 5* Service | 5*... read more


(ICAN) THE CURIOUS MYTH OF GLUTEN FREE FOOD.  Gluten-free diets are all the rage at the minute, but do we really understand what we are putting in our bodies when we replace our favourite foods with the gluten free options? You’ve probably heard about the reported gluten-free diet benefits, or perhaps you’ve eliminated gluten yourself and noticed changes such as better sleep, a flatter tummy, clearer skin, a sharper mind, and more energy. But are the benefits you experience actually due to the absence of gluten? Well, it all depends on how you go gluten free. Ditching refined carbs and pastas and replacing them with whole grains is sure to make a difference. Along with adding in more fruit and veg, upping your fibre and nutrient intake, therefore experiencing those benefits. However, if you replace gluten products with their shop bought gluten-free friends, you’re more likely to increase your sugar and fat intake, which results in an increase in calories. Just because there are more options for the gluten free customer on our shelves, it doesn’t mean we should eat them. When products are formulated specifically to be gluten-free in order to replace an existing product, a lot of times manufacturers may have to substitute chemically enchanted ingredients since they can’t use wheat flour. Some of the main things you lose when you take gluten out of a recipe are texture, chewiness, and taste. An easy way to get those back? Adding fats, and sugars. Meaning these ingredients are present in even higher amounts than in the original item with gluten. You may think you’re looking after your body by becoming gluten-free even if you have no coeliac issues. But watch out for the  sugar filled GF alternatives such as the pastas, breads,... read more

Burn vs Burn | The perfect holiday workout

We don’t take the summer off! Let’s face it, we love to train but we also love to go on holiday! Holidays are for coming home feeling rested and revived, right? So it’s the perfect time to fit in a few workouts during your holiday sunbathing. After training hard for that beach body, it seems silly to throw it all away. Stopping your regular workout regime has massive effects on the body both physically and psychologically. Not only will you feel sluggish and lack energy, but your muscle definition will start to fade. You will feel yourself becoming weaker and you may find your fitness levels drop; a short walk could even find you out of breath! Plus, with all your relaxed eating and drinking, you will find your body fat increases and your jeans are a little tighter than usual! Workouts will also become much harder once you return home! Our advice…’don’t stop training!’ Find the time to fit in a few exercises to keep your muscles working and the expanding waist line at bay! We’ve designed some workouts that can be done from the comfort of your sun lounger, or on the beach whilst catching some rays with the ocean breeze in your hair. Holiday sun lounger workout. Plank- 45 seconds- 1 minute 20 reps of each exercise x 3 Back Extensions. Reserve Crunches. Leg Raises. Bicycle crunches. Tricep Dips. Incline push ups. Glute Bridge. Beach Running Kick off your flip flops and run down the sea shore! Did you know? Soft sand running is a low impact full body workout. It’s kind to your knees and it burns up to 30% more calories than normal road running!... read more


We’ve been chatting to our lovely clients at ICAN Personal Training about what health and nutrition blogs you would like to read about! One topic that came up was to freshen up our ICAN Cookbook with new recipes for summer! So, we’ve come up with some great new recipes ideal for Cheshire’s summer evenings and our top tips on how to stay healthy during BBQ season! We know it’s hard to constantly think of fresh new ideas to cook each evening, as well as having to prepare them from scratch! So, ICAN Personal Training have got some great easy to make marinades and salads that will get your taste buds going! Tip One; Make sure ‘well done’ isn’t in your BBQ vocabulary. Cook your meats for 30 minutes or less, never more! All the latest research into grilling or barbecuing meat at high heat shows that our yummy summer evening feast can produce the harmful chemicals called carcinogens. The fix; a 2008 study found that spicy marinades can decrease carcinogens in your food! So don’t be afraid to ramp up the heat in your marinades. Certain spices are packed with antioxidants such as thyme, sage, and garlic, and have been proven to reduce the amount of harmful nasties by up to 60%.   Try these marinades; Tip 2; Load up on veggies! Grilled veggies offer that same-grill taste but don’t contain carcinogens like their meaty friends which make them a great option. They are high volume, low density foods and are perfect for watching your weight! Skewer them or simply grill them on their own. Tip 3; Choose unprocessed meats;... read more

Protein Princess- Protein powder in Alderley Edge

The stigma attached to protein and supplements has mainly been a male dominated industry, but there has been a considerable rise in women hitting the gym more often and taking supplements. We’ve seen this first hand at ICAN, with many clients stocking up on protein powder in Alderley Edge. Female fitness role models such as Mille Macintosh and Doutzen Kroes are regularly posting on Instagram and Twitter about their exercise regimes, nutrition and supplement intakes. We see the rise of the protein princess! Besides attending a personal trainer, you also want to make sure you are getting enough nutrients for your muscles to repair and grow. Protein plays an important part of this. However, sometimes it is not easy getting enough protein required from your food alone, especially if you’re busy working, or always on the go. Protein shakes are the answer! It doesn’t take long to prepare, and you can take it anywhere, whilst still being able to control the amount of protein you are consuming. If you’re constantly snacking throughout the day, then this probably means you’re not eating enough protein. Protein takes longer to break down and digest than other food groups, meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer, making it easier to lose weight by keeping the hunger at bay. Proteins are broken down into amino acids. Without adequate protein, our bodies can’t heal or grow. Our muscles wouldn’t heal as quickly, and could therefore lead to injury. After a workout is the best time to get protein into your body so it can be delivered to your muscles. Just some benefits of drinking protein shakes are: – Reduce hunger, it... read more

No more hunger pangs? No more afternoon slumps? Be prepared…

There’s so many fad diets and diet tricks around at the moment, but there’s one diet ‘trick’ that we should take note of.  No more hunger pangs? No more afternoon slumps? Well, it’s all about being prepared! Our social media feeds are full of people and celebrities snapping photos of their prepared meals for the next day. Why? because being prepared is the key to your weight loss success! It’s not a fad and it’s not rocket science. Instead of grabbing a carb and calorie loaded sandwich, you have home-made nutritious food for the whole day! It couldn’t be simpler! To help you, we’ve taken the best tips from Cheshire’s 5* personal trainers on preparing your food and what food you should be preparing!   Stanton’s Top Tip: I always prepare my food on a Sunday for the next 3 days. An average day consists of; Breakfast; Scrambled eggs with tomato and avocado ( women 2 -3 eggs and men 3-4) Lunch; grilled chicken seasoned with chilli. Accompanied by roasted sweet potato fries, roasted kale, raw spinach and steamed broccoli Afternoon snack; Sweet potato protein brownie- mashed boiled sweet potato, chocolate protein powder, 1 square of 80% dark chocolate, desiccated coconut. Bake in oven for 20 mins Dinner; Chilli Con carne with roasted kale and sweet potato and mushrooms.   Ryan’s Top Tip; Plan your meals for the week ahead from the ICAN 21 nutritional diary. This takes the thinking out of eating, which long term gets better results. For example make ICAN Breakfast bars for the whole week so that breakfast become hassle free. An average day consists of; Breakfast;... read more

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